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February 2015 – Photo of the Month

BarbedI, like many, am first drawn to a particular landscape due to the bigger picture. It is the grand vista that grabs my attention, but then as I spend a bit of time there it is the smaller parts that hold my attention. There are many parts to the big picture and we will explore this in more detail in the weeks to come.

In this image I could have captured the grand scene with the fence in the foreground, or I could have focused on the fence itself. Instead it was one little rusty barb that caught my eye. It has stood out in the weather for many years with a single job – separating two paddocks. It may have seen action against a raging 1500kg bull, or maybe it has just survived the fiercest storms the state has seen over the last 50 years. What ever its story might be, it stands as a very┬ásmall part of a very big landscape.

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