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I’m Coming Back!


I have had a significant break from the “business of photography”. With a rest and time to reflect on my photographic process, I have decided it is time to come back. Not to the “business of photography” but rather the “Art of Photography”.

Landscape and Nature photography were always the things I was passionate about, and this is what I now focus my attention on mostly. I do the occasional portrait shoot and wedding, but that is not what I am about. I love getting outdoors and exploring the natural world, and I have a young family that love doing this with me as well. I love getting to places that few will get to experience, and I love sharing images of these places with others.

So starting in 2018 I hope to share with you all some of my photographic adventures, as well as the photographs those adventures provide me. I will share with you how I prepare for getting out with the camera, as well as some of my thought processes around photographic capture and processing.

So as we approach the Christmas New Year period, keep your cameras near and ready, and I’ll talk to you soon.


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