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Reflections Ripple Forward (Pt 1)

Looking forward to 2018…..

We are now well and truely into 2018, and though I am not a person that really sets any new year resolutions, I am a person that likes to look back at what I have done in order to look forward and do things better than I did the previous year.

I had a few years were things did not really progress at all. So, what I often did was set my self a project each year to complete with the intention of inspiring creativity (bit like a New Years resolution really). The problem was (and is) that I ended up with several unfinished projects. When I look back I have not really done anything that different from the previous years. It feels a little like playing the same song over and over and over again. I remember hearing somewhere that:

“If you want things to be different, then you need to start doing things differently”

I was also reminded of one of my favourite driving ideas:

“What am I going to do differently tomorrow?”

So last year I started doing things differently, and asking myself regularly, what will I do differently tomorrow? Therefore 2017 was bit of a different year for me photographically speaking.

Last year I did not shoot any where near as much as I would usually shoot. I did not leave the camera on the shelf to gather dust though. It is just that when I did go out I did not shoot as many frames as I would normally. The camera was more a companion in case the landscape presented itself, and if it did not – then I would go home without the need to clear the memory card, or to fire up the computer. This lead to the odd occasion when I would venture out without the camera, intentionally, saying to myself if there is a shot to be had “The camera on my phone will have to do!” There were two occasions when I did regret leaving the camera behind for a minute or two, but had to move on. It was a conscious choice – I had to live with. But there were valuable lessons to learn from this also.

I found myself going out with less gear, even to the point of just taking the camera with a lens attached and nothing else. I have to admit that I am liking less gear more often. I thought why am I weighing myself down with gear that I am not really using that frequently, particularly if I was going to a location that I was familiar with.

I also decided that 2017 was going to be a year of learning something new. So I spent more time looking at the work of others, being not only inspired, but also learning a bit about how they approach their photography. Looking at videos from guy’s like Thomas Heaton and Ben Horne, was like sitting and having a conversation with a fellow photographer about all things photography. Looking at instructional videos from Scott Kelby and others on KelbyOne, helped me to learn a bit more about processing photographs. Then there was the work of some my favourite photographers Peter Eastway, Tony Hewitt, and Christian Fletcher, which I would look at and feel in inspired by.

So I am hoping 2017 was a year that will trigger better things for my photographic adventures. 2018 has already rippled the waters reflection….. and am I doing things differently in 2018? Well I’ll share my thoughts and actions on that in part 2.

To be continued…….

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