From a young age I was interested in photography. In my teens my parents gave me a point and shoot camera – a Hanimex 35mm film camera. From this point on my passion for photography has kept growing.

On leaving school I became a nurse and have had 20 years working as a nurse.  I avoided photography as a career as I did not want my interest in photography to be lost – I did not want it to become “just a job”. However, the more I was asked by family and friends to photograph weddings and other events, the more I realised that I probably would not get tired of this job. Also reading interviews with other photograhers it is clear that it is a rare thing to find a photographer that is not happy to go to work everyday.

I have been working professionally as a photographer for a few years now. I am passionate about Landscape and Portrait photography. I live and work on the northern side of Brisbane and the southern end of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. I aim to capture photographs that will hopefully make you stop for a second and think, ‘Darn, that is a good photo’.

For more information check out the Stuart Drever Photography website here

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