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February 2015 – Photo of the Month

BarbedI, like many, am first drawn to a particular landscape due to the bigger picture. It is the grand vista that grabs my attention, but then as I spend a bit of time there it is the smaller parts that hold my attention. There are many parts to the big picture and we will explore this in more detail in the weeks to come.

In this image I could have captured the grand scene with the fence in the foreground, or I could have focused on the fence itself. Instead it was one little rusty barb that caught my eye. It has stood out in the weather for many years with a single job – separating two paddocks. It may have seen action against a raging 1500kg bull, or maybe it has just survived the fiercest storms the state has seen over the last 50 years. What ever its story might be, it stands as a very small part of a very big landscape.

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January 2015 – Photo of the Month

Mid-Night Snap

Mid-Night Snap

I’m excited! Every year I learn more, discover more, and do more. this year is shaping up to be a great one.

Already this year my 7 year old son is taking a real interest in photography, and we have had a few little photowalks so that he can learn how to handle a camera. I can tell you now, you will learn a lot about the world around you with a 7 year old boy in tow. I can not wait to see how he grows with the camera over the next 12 months.

However, this months photo!!

What would photography be without light? I remember reading a lot last year about various ways to light your photos. One thing that really seemed to hit home is this:

The best light in the world is free!

Sunlight, day light, natural light, afternoon light, golden hour light, call it what you like – more and more people seem to be advocating for this light rather than artificial light. Have a look round any photo sharing site and you’ll see that people are loving the free light from above.

This photo uses natural light – Moon Light. There is some artificial light from the lights around the gardens, but primarily it is light reflected off the moon from the sun.

We were away for the weekend with the in-laws. It was nearly mid-night, and the family had all gone to bed. As I sat looking over the water from our unit I thought that the clouds were almost glowing in the near full moon, so I grabbed the camera to see what would result in a photograph. As soon as I saw the preview I was amazed at the detail and the amount of light that the moon produced (This was a 78 second exposure). The garden lights threw a bit of light into the scene, which I think helped to frame the water. They also add a warmth to image that I really like.

So I encourage you try and experiment this year with the best light in the world – it’s free!!

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